A week into my travels…

I honestly can’t believe I have only been away from New Zealand for a week. It feels like so much longer.

Aji Hostel, Santiago de Chile

Aji Hostel, Santiago de Chile

One thing that has struck me quite profoundly this time travelling, is that everyone in a hostel is an equal. It doesn’t matter what we do/did for a job, what kind of house we live in, what kind of car we drive…all that is left behind and we are all equals. We share…rooms, bathrooms, common areas and meals together. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone loves listening to everyone else’s stories. We all look out for on another…it’s really nice.

It is often hard to move on from a hostel where you have met great people…some will keep in touch, others come into our lives for a short time and then move on, or we move on.

I believe the important thing is to cherish the moments and look forward to the future adventures and the new places and people that I will meet.

In a couple of hours I move onto the next stage of my adventure in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. It’s going to be about a 30 hour bus trip, it’s going to be the first really long bus trip for me but definitely the cheapest way to get around.

Until next time…adios


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